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Linux Foundation CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Program Exam Practice Test

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Program Questions and Answers

Question 1

A Kubernetes worker node, named wk8s-node-0 is in state NotReady. Investigate why this is the case, and perform any appropriate steps to bring the node to a Ready state, ensuring that any changes are made permanent.

You can ssh to the failed node using:

[student@node-1] $ | ssh Wk8s-node-0

You can assume elevated privileges on the node with the following command:

[student@w8ks-node-0] $ | sudo –i


Question 2

Check the Image version of nginx-dev pod using jsonpath


Question 3

Create a pod as follows:

  • Name: mongo
  • Using Image: mongo
  • In a new Kubernetes namespace named: my-website


Question 4

Score: 5%

Question # 4


From the pod label name=cpu-utilizer, find pods running high CPU workloads and write the name of the pod consuming most CPU to the file /opt/KUTR00401/KUTR00401.txt (which already exists).


Question 5

Create 2 nginx image pods in which one of them is labelled with env=prod and another one labelled with env=dev and verify the same.


Question 6

Create a busybox pod that runs the command “env” and save the output to “envpod” file


Question 7

Create a pod that having 3 containers in it? (Multi-Container)


Question 8

Print pod name and start time to “/opt/pod-status” file


Question 9

Create a persistent volume with name app-data, of capacity 2Gi and access mode ReadWriteMany. The type of volume is hostPath and its location is /srv/app-data.


Question 10

Create a pod that echo “hello world” and then exists. Have the pod deleted automatically when it’s completed


Page: 1 / 7
Total 67 questions